Nice to meet you...

Hi, My name is Kara, and I love to capture lifes special moments on camera! If i'm not photographing, then you will find me in the great outdoors with my gorgeous family.. at the beach, the park, camping, walking, cycling, with my family or friends (and usually with a camera on my shoulder still...just in case!) 

Photography has been my passion since I was teenager. I love being able to freeze moments that would otherwise be forgotten, but instead I get to turn them into treasured memories that can be looked at and remembered for years to come! 


My family photography style is relaxed and informal. I like to seek out the natural reactions, giggles, surprises and moments the camera has long been forgotten. I pride myself on expressing the emotion and realness of the moment through my images. My aim is for you to be able to look back at my photos in years to come and still remember exactly how you FELT at that moment. You won't find me spending hours getting the 'perfect' shot, so if formal, posed photography is your thing then I may not be the photographer for you. Please take a look around at my work and decide whether my style and approach is what you are looking for. If you decide I am the one, then I look forward to hearing from you!


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